Original Articles

Effect of prophylactic antibiotic on surgical site infection after tension-free hernioplasty

Y Saskia-Javi, I K. Sudartana, I G. Raka-Widiana
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Page 55-58

Medication and appropriate physical therapy of complex regional pain syndrome patients after trauma

P. R. Elizabeta, P. Anastasika, R. Leonid
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 59-63

Eye tumor patients at Tumor Division Eye Clinic Sanglah General Hospital Bali-Indonesia

P. Yuliawati, N. L. Piliantari-Meigawati
Abstract 50 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 64-68

Prevalence of jaundice based on liver function test in Western Nepal

P Singh, S. Khan, R. K. Mittal
Abstract 68 |

Page 72-74

High arterial blood lactate as sirs predictor in patients with severe head injury

L Lengkong, S. Maliawan, T.G.B. Mahadewa
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Page 75-80

Case Report

Operation technique of anterior meningoencephalocele: transcranial combined with anterior resection (Case Report)

A Muhammad-Zafrullah, F Yudoyono, A Mirna-Sobana, A Faried
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 22

Page 51-54