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Immunomodulator, growth performance and hematological, profiles of viusid vet supplementation on piglets

I. B. K. Ardana, I G. Soma, [email protected], D. K. Harya Putra
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Page 105-108

Maximization of DNA damage to MGMT(+) EGFR(+) GBM cells using optimal combination of temozolomide-anti EGFR monoclonal antibody nimotuzumab

M. A. M. Inggas, E. J. Wahjoepramono, Sri Maliawan, A. A. Islam
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Page 109-113

Anti-plasmodium falciparum in vitro activity of calophyllum bicolor extract: morphology and ultra structure

M. M. Kaseke, V. Hadju, S. Karim, A. Nurdin
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 26

Page 114-118

High serum prostate specific antigen as a risk factor for moderate-severe prostate inflammation in patient with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Gede Wirya K Duarsa, Rika Lesmana, Tjokorda G. B. Mahadewa
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Page 148-151

Lactose-astaxanthin increases green jungle fowl’s sperm motility and reduces sperm DNA fragmentation during 5o celsius storage

Wayan Bebas, Tjok Gede Oka Pemayun, I Made Damriyasa, I Nyoman Mantik-Astawa
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 30

Page 152-156

Case Report

Review of nasa fibromyxoma: aggressive behaviour? (case report)

Rr. Suzy Indharti
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 12

Page 132-135

Laparoscopic management of a large hydatid cyst of liver (case report)

Biren Prasad Padhy, P. K. Hota
Abstract 190 | PDF Downloads 15

Page 140-142

Letter to Editor

Giant ovarian cyst

V. M. Santos, L. A. M. Santos, F. R. D. Modesto
Abstract 100 | PDF Downloads 17