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Polymorphism of vascular endothelial growth factor regio promoter C(-634)G as a risk factor of Balinese type-2 diabetic retinopathy

A. A. Mas Putrawati Triningrat, Made Bakta, Ketut Suastika, H. S. Habiba-Muhiddin, N. K. Niti Susila
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Changes of mRNA caspase-3 after first cycle of chemotherapy as biomarker associate to chemotherapy negative response in locally advanced breast cancer

I K. Widiana, I. B. T. Wibawa Manuaba, Ketut Siki Kawiyana, I W. P. Sutirta Yasa
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Epidemiological and molecular analysis of toxoplasma gondii in faecal samples of cats obtained from house of maternal in Bali

I M. Subrata, N. T. Suryadhi, N. Mantik-Astawa, I M. Damriyasa
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Spilanthes acmella and physical exercise increased testosterone levels and osteoblast cells in glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis male mice

Hening Laswati, Imam Subadi, Retno Widyowati, Mangestuti Agil, Jahya Alex Pangkahila
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The outcome of antibiotic therapy among children with severe community acquired pneumonia

M. R. Usman, D. K. Wati, I. B. Subanada
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Pentamethylcarboxylate ruthenocene based antitumour agent

Sri Wahjuni, Ni Made Puspawati, Michel Williams
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Case Report

Recurrent peri-op haematuria in repeat lower segment caesarean section: an unusual presentation of renal cell carcinoma in pregnancy (a case report with literature review)

Basanta Manjari Hota, Nabila Naaz, M Pujitha, Swathi Bai Banoth, Prabhakar Gowdar Channa Basavaih
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Page 44-48

Peutz Jeghers Syndrome presenting with acute intestinal obstruction: a rare case report with review of literatures

P. K. Hota, G. Narasimha Reddy, G. Rajasekhar, C. Nalini Mohan
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Letter to Editor

Annual Bali international combined clinical meeting

John Svigos
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