Operation technique of anterior meningoencephalocele: transcranial combined with anterior resection (Case Report)

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A Muhammad-Zafrullah
F Yudoyono
A Mirna-Sobana
A Faried


Menigoencephalocele, Nasoethmoid, Transcranial, Anterior Resection


Meningoencephaloceles are a frequent condition characterized by protrusion of meningeal and brain tissue through a skull-base defect. Here, we report three cases of anterior meningoencephalocele operated on one-stage procedure, a combined of transcranial and anterior approach, for invagination removal of non-functional extracranial cerebral tissue with watertight closure of the dural defect; written consent was taken. All cases were nasoethmoid, the congenital anomalies between the nasal bones and the nasal cartilage.

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