History of Old Udayana OJS and Old DiscoverSys Inc websites.

Bali Med J. was first online in Udayana OJS server: 

https://ojs.unud.ac.id/index.php/bmj and is still running until today. The unstable server has a history of more than five times crashes in a year (2017). Either by unprofessional management or virus/ ransomware attack. We decided to move our server overseas using DiscoverSys services.

Then Bali Med J. continues online at https://balimedicaljournal.org/ managed by DiscoverSys, a Canadian based Pharmaceutical and Research Consulting Company with its corporate office in Edmonton. eJournals, a not-for-profit venture and the scholarly publishing services of DiscoverSys, uses the Open Journal Systems (OJS) and creates a platform for researchers and associations to publish their quality research with an international reach. 

But because of the high demand for the upgrade to a more user-friendly OJS 3.x, Bali Medical Journal is now upgraded to a new domain and hosting at https://balimedicaljournal.id/. All the old domains are still accessible and maintained periodically, but with the new domain, we hope to deliver a better experience to our author, reviewer, and readers.